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            Tell our major parties to commit to new nature laws for Australia

            Australia is in the midst of an extinction crisis. It's time for our major parties to step up and commit to new nature laws that will protect t…

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            Download our latest Reports, Newsletters and Technical Bulletins.  …

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            Help us save Bali's sea turtles

            One in a thousand: with your help, we can even up her odds Imagine being born on one of…

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            Our Mission & Vision

            HSI envisions a world where people treat animals and the environment with respect and compassion. Our mission is to build an ecologically sustainable and humane world for all animals.

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            Our Achievements

            Protection of nearly 4 million acres of threatened ecological communities

            Our scientific nomination program has resulted in more than 70 threatened species and millions of hectares of wildlife habitat protected in Australian law.

            We base our positions on science and push for legal and policy changes that reflect the latest scientific evidence in conservation and animal welfare.

            We work collaboratively with others—together we can increase positive impacts for animals.

            Our support for projects around the world has helped protect critical habitat; vital research into endangered species and rescue, rehabilitation and release of a wide variety of wildlife.